Movie Review – Wish Upon

Wife wanted to watch a movie called “Wish Upon” so we rented it from Amazon.  The following is my review of the movie.


I’m so tired of lazy PG-13 (and R) horror movies, but I guess I’m out of touch or something.  I’m not going to bore you with a summary of the plot, you are (likely) an adult and can get some googling on.  I’m honestly trying to recall different aspects of the movie and it is difficult.  It was very forgettable, and I am fairly forgiving for many movies.  I’ll rip them apart for fun while watching them, but won’t really dislike them.  I enjoy campy stuff every now and again, but I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in this movie other than Ryan Philippe’s horrible beard.  Also when it was over, I went to sleep.

Verdict : Maybe don’t pay money to watch this one.