Anti-Smoking Ad

So there’s this anti-smoking ad that runs on TV that you may have seen.

I get the message they are trying to send.  The big bad wolf smoked, now he can’t murder piggies.  On the surface its fine, but digging deeper brings up tons of questions.

1.) No piggies in this ad smoke, therefore, anyone who doesn’t smoke is a piggie and vulnerable to horrific murder by the hands of Wolf.  So if you are a non-smoker, you are a piggie.

2.) Wolf must have been smoking long enough for piggies to build a modern society.  If Wolf is that old, his lungs probably wouldn’t be able to handle blowing down a modern-day piggie apartment complex to get to the tender piggie-meat inside.

3.) Wouldn’t Wolf smoking so he can’t murder piggies be a good thing?  I mean, if Wolf is the only individual that commits murder, and the only way to stop him from murdering is to get him addicted to smoking, could that be considered a necessary evil?

4.) How come there is a straw house in the middle of the city?  As advanced as the rest of piggie-society is, wouldn’t piggie-real estate have bought out or pushed the straw house owning piggie out at some point?  All of his piggie neighbors are probably pissed that their piggie property value is going down because this little piggie refuses to join modern society.

5.) Why did Wolf have to blow the house down to get to the piggie?  There were plenty of them in the streets.  He could have also used the door.

6.) For some reason, my spellcheck is underlining piggie only sometimes in this post which means something, but I don’t care enough to find out.


The world is going insane.



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